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Palmer, MA  |  888-283-8961

Since our inception in 1905, we have grown to be one of the largest and most respected producers of cold rolled and cold drawn metal profiles in North America, primarily serving the power generation, firearms, computer, medical, oil exploration and lawn and garden markets, among a score of others. This has all been made possible by our highly skilled employees, expert engineers, advanced...

Rathbone Precision Metals, Inc. $$$

South Hackensack, NJ  |  800-631-1980

Fastbolt Corporation is a leading global manufacturer and distributor of high-quality fasteners and cold-headed parts. Founded in 1999, the company has established a strong reputation for delivering innovative and reliable products to its customers in a variety of industries.

One of the key areas of expertise for Fastbolt is in the production of cold-headed parts. Cold heading is a...

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Northvale, NJ  |  800-289-7483

Industrial Rivet is a leading manufacturer and distributor of precision fastening solutions for a wide range of industries. The company was founded in 1912 and has since established itself as a trusted name in the fastener industry. One of Industrial Rivet's core competencies is in the production of Cold-Headed Parts.

Cold-Headed Parts are a type of fastener that are made by cold...

Industrial Rivet & Fastener Company $$$

Holbrook, NY  |  800-480-9198

B & B Electro-Mechanical provides numerous industrial fasteners. We can obtain custom fasteners as well—machined ferrous and nonferrous, threaded or not, cold headed standard or special fasteners. For more information about our quality products and excellent service, please call today!

B & B Electro-Mechanical Components, Inc. $$$
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Cold Heading & Cold Forming

Cold Heading & Cold Forming

Cold forming can be defined as the process of continuously forming a specific shape or design from a metal wire without adding heat. This is aided by hammers, dies, and punches at a very high speed...

Screw Machined Parts and Products

Screw Machined Parts and Products

Screw machined parts are complex pieces that are typically cylindrical and threaded and a screw machined product is a family of automatic lathes for small to medium-sized components. Screws, bolts, pins, fittings...

Types Of Bolts

Types Of Bolts

Bolts are tools used to fasten and secure the faces of assemblies using a nut. They are threaded and come with a matching nut. Their purpose is to connect aligned unthreaded holes by being placed through...

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