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Steel pins serve various functions and are frequently used in the furniture, upholstery, and clothing/fashion sectors. A steel pin’s body might be uniformly cylindrical or tapered at one end. Steel pins can be found in a different range of sizes and strengths. The steel pins’ heads, which can vary in size from a fraction of an inch to several inches, as well as their length, can all be customized for specific uses. It is crucial to consider these elements to ensure a steel pin has the mechanical functionality and strength required for an intended application. Read More…

Steel Pins Steel pins are small cylindrical metal parts used as fasteners in a broad range of applications. They are typically produced using the process of cold heading and may be used to align, locate, position, fix or conjoin two or more components.

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As cold forming, threading and knurling specialists since 1970, we are highly skilled at manufacturing a wide selection of cold headed parts, including carriage, hex & wheel bolts, double end studs, high performance stud pins, rivets and specialty fasteners. Check out our size and style capabilities.

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Blue Ridge Metals offers the very best in Wire Processing and Cold Formed products. All cold headed fasteners and components are produced and accomplished in strict conformance to the requirements of our customer specifications. Drawing on an unparalleled depth of experience, Blue Ridge Metals creates value for every customer through the fostering of teamwork and technology to better serve you.

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steel pins

Wire composed of carbon steel or stainless steel is run through a punch and die to create steel pins. These simple metal pieces can be made using the cold heading (or cold forming) technique, which does not require heat to change a metal's shape. In contrast to conventional metalworking methods, cold forming transforms a metal blank into a desired shape or product by applying high pressure and force.

This force must be greater than the steel material’s elastic limit to deform it. Cold heading is an affordable option for making these simple parts since it effectively utilizes the raw material and there is little waste and very little scrap created through this process.

Common Types of Steel Pins

  • Dowel pins are a popular variety of steel pin featuring a cylindrical form. Additionally, dowel pins frequently have grooved, or chamfered, ends to facilitate insertion. Metal dowels pins are used for precisely placing mechanical components.
    dowel pins
  • Slotted pins are made from material that has been partially rolled into a cylinder and has chamfers on both ends. The chamfer allows the pin to be driven into a hole less than its relaxed diameter (the diameter of an object that may be fitted into the hole of another object without causing stretching of that hole). Slotted pins can contract to fit into a hole thanks to the cylinder's gap. The pin is then held firmly in a hole by its flexible nature.
  • A coiled, or spiral roll, pin coils the sheet material around itself more than once. As a result, a coiled pin is more durable than a slotted pin. Slotted and coiled pins are referred to as "spring” or “roll pins" in this context.
  • A grooved pin is a solid pin, usually made of steel, with three grooves swaged (a process used to reduce metal in order to reduce its cross section) along some or all of its length. This design results in a stronger and more elastic pin than a solid dowel pin.
  • A split pin is a pin that has been bent in half to feature a half-circular profile so that both ends can fit through the same hole. To prevent removal of the pin, one end is bent outward and the other end is extended.
  • A cotter pin features a U-shape at its top and two extended sides. They work to prevent bolts from slipping out of place. They only work with bolts that have pre-drilled holes near their tops. The pin slides into the hole and the ends are then pulled apart to a point where the pin can no longer slide out of the hole. The phrase "cotter pin" may also be described as a split pin, R-clip, or circular cotter in some places.
  • Clevis pins are used to fasten and secure goods to trailers, pickup trucks, and construction equipment. Clevis pins can be used to attach weights to an airplane as well.
  • Screw pins also feature a U-shape. One end of this screw features a hole where a screw-type fastener fits through. The other end subsequently features a grooved opening for the screw to securely fit into.
  • Recessed pins, also known as grooved pins, are solid press-fit fasteners. Recessed pins feature grooved edges on both sides of a shaft. One end fits into grooved openings, much like a screw. The other end allows for a nut to be secured along its grooves. Recessed pins are frequently employed as locking mechanisms, pivots, levers, or locating elements.
  • Hitch pins, also known as trailer pins, can have a permanent PVC-coated handle or a swivel handle. This pin is fastened by placing a bridge pin or lynchpin into the hole directly across from the handle. Hitch pins are widely used to secure trailer couplers and various gardening and agricultural tools.
hitch pins

Other types of steel pins.

  • Headed Pins
  • Hinge Pins
  • Weld Pins
  • Fetter Pins

Benefits of Steel Pins

  • Steel pins are available in a variety of diameters (from 2.5mm to 19mm).
  • Steel pins allow for a rapid rate of output for many manufacturing applications.
  • Steel pins feature enhanced physical characteristics over other fasteners.
  • Steel pins are produced with less material waste than other fastening mechanisms.
  • Steel pins can be custom-created for specific industrial applications.
  • Steel pins feature extremely close tolerances for better fastening.

Choosing the Correct Steel Pins Manufacturer

To make sure you have the most positive outcome when purchasing Steel Pins from a Steel Pins Company, it is important to compare at least 4 or 5 Suppliers using our list of Steel Pins manufacturers. Each Steel Pins Manufacturer has a business profile page that highlights their areas of experience and capabilities and a contact form to directly communicate with the manufacturer for more information or request a quote. Review each Steel Pins business website using our proprietary website previewer to get an idea of what each company specializes in, and then use our simple RFQ form to contact multiple Steel Pins businesses with the same message.

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