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Impact extrusion is a technique that uses a press to produce metal goods and objects. The press used can either be mechanical or hydraulic. However, a metal slug needs to be pressed with the press via a die. When the metal slug goes through the die, it bends. This process enables businesses engaged in manufacturing to produce new goods and items identical in size and shape to the dye they use. Read More…

Impact Extrusion Impact extrusion is a cold forming process typically used to make collapsible tubes out of soft metals through a tool and die process. Unlike traditional metalworking processes, impact extrusion does not use heat to alter the shape of metal. Instead, it uses high pressure and force to change the shape of a metal material.

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impact extrusion

Working Principle of Impact Extrusion

A mechanical or hydraulic press is needed to accomplish impact extrusions. The metal slug is driven through the die when the press is started by lowering the punch onto the metal slug. The metal slug will then take on the physical traits of the die. Finally, an ejector expels the metal slug after being driven through the die.

Extrusion Processes

One of the cold-forming methods is extrusion, which forces the material to flow in the area between a die and a punch. In this technique, the material can travel either forward (forward extrusion) or backward (reverse extrusion). However, many goods use a combination of both extrusions (combined extrusions).

Forward Extrusions

The punch advances material through a hole in the die, creating a smaller cross-section than the original blank. With this method, reductions of 75% are possible.

forward extrusions

Backward Extrusions

Blind holes and cups are created when material trapped in the die is pushed backward around the punch. Therefore, the cup's bottom and walls ought to be thicker than each other. With this method, area reductions of 20–75% are attainable.

backward extrusions

Combined Extrusions

Since many designs incorporate both extrusions, the design engineer's inventiveness may allow for the simultaneous use of both methods to reduce production costs.

Impact Extrusion in Present-Day Manufacturing

Impact extrusion is used to make various parts, including those for appliances and machinery. As long as the part is symmetrical over the axis by which it is created, impact metal parts with complex geometries can be manufactured. Making hollow metal tubes with a partially or completely closed end is one of the best uses for this procedure. It is possible to extrude hollow metal tubes with internal and exterior geometry. A part made via impact extrusion may have variable wall thickness and inner and external diameters.

This manufacturing procedure does not require that the metal extrusions have circular cross-sections. Parts that are not round but symmetrical are also generated. Flanges on tubular items can be formed very effectively using the impact extrusion manufacturing process. Along the length of the extruded metal segment, flanges may be created with different diameters and geometric characteristics. Impact extrusion is used to create metal items ranging from pipes and tubes to automotive doors and frames.

Many of the impact-formed items used in industry will need to go through additional manufacturing steps like metal forging, ironing, or machining before being finished. In addition, a part can become harder through impact extrusion, which may or may not be preferred. Superior surface smoothness and high productivity are two potential benefits of impact extrusion production, if applicable.

Advantages of Impact Extrusion

  • Impact extrusion has grown in popularity among industrial organizations even though other extrusion methods are available. First, because it's a "cold-working method," manufacturing businesses are not required to heat the metal slug in advance. The higher power provided by the press machine allows the metal slug to be bent at or near room temperature.
  • Impact extrusion needs one impact, unlike many other extrusion techniques. The press's punch's motion is called the "impact." The metal slug will conform to the size and shape of the die it is employed with during this impact.
  • Fasteners like screws and nuts are frequently made using impact extrusion. These fasteners are made using a metal slug with a smooth finish. On the other side, the die has a grainy texture that gives the fastener its exterior threading.
  • Impact extrusion is becoming more and more common, particularly when working with aluminum alloys. As was already said, since it uses a cold-working process, the workpiece doesn't need to be heated first, which saves time and money while maximizing the advantages of cold-working.
  • It is also speedier because only one impact is required. One punch will do it, thanks to the punching mechanism's strength. While the tools themselves last longer than in other procedures, the costs associated with tooling are typically lower. Impact extrusion is an efficient procedure that produces many products with little waste.
  • Increased corrosion resistance, perfect grain alignment, and lighter end goods compared to other processes are further advantages of impact extrusion. Additionally, the method leaves the completed items with little to no requirement for machining.

Choosing the Right Impact Extrusion Supplier

To make sure you have the most positive outcome when purchasing Impact Extrusion from an Impact Extrusion Company, it is important to compare at least 6 Companies using our list of Impact Extrusion suppliers. Each Impact Extrusion Supplier has a business profile page that highlights their areas of experience and capabilities and a contact form to directly communicate with the manufacturer for more information or request a quote. Review each Impact Extrusion business website using our patented website previewer to get an idea of what each company specializes in, and then use our simple RFQ form to contact multiple Impact Extrusion businesses with the same quote.

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